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A new roof is a big investment for your home. But what if, shortly after the installation, your roof starts showing signs of failure? What can be the reason of new roof failure?
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Meet IKO’s PLUS range! Replacing the traditional bitumen by APP modified bitumen will grant Armourglass, Victorian and Diamant roof shingles with even more high end properties.
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It is important to apply roofing nails in the right quantity and location to securely lock a shingle into its place. Accurate nailing affects the performance of roofing shingles and it is also required by the International Building Code.
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Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° is the best choice when it comes to a perfect architectural shingles roof . This extreme roof shingle has it all: an exclusive architectural look and feel, an impressive minimum slope, a wide range of roof shapes, extreme safety for your house,..