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Are you our distributor? Download IKO photos and IKO logos.
Road Description Plant
Find your way to our plant in Slovakia or Belgium. Printable Road Description PDF. For you or your transport company.
Want Expert Roof Knowledge? Download this guide
IKO, the Shingles Expert wants to share this valuable roof shingles knowledge with you. Here are the first 9 chapters for you as a FREE DOWNLOAD.
How to bend ridge caps in cold climate?
Film >>> How to bend ridge caps in cold climate ? To easily prevent cracks in ridge capping, follow these important steps.
DOP - Declaration of Performance IKO Roof Shingles
Download the DOP document of your selected IKO Shingles product & Check out the website of the Declaration of Performance documents of the IKO Group.
Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° - roof shingle
Download here the Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° Leaflet - check out your benefits with this exceptional and most innovative roof shingle for the future.