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IKO roof shingles are the ideal roofing material for new buildings and renovation projects.
Irrespective of the style you prefer, IKO is guaranteed to have an extensive range of roof shingles and accessories available to meet your needs.

Both independent European and internal IKO laboratories have confirmed the quality of our products time and time again and through >60 years of experience.

Cambridge Xpress

Cambridge Xpress

Biggest 3D Roof Shingle on the market for fast roofers
8 colors / 3,10 m² per bundle
Cambridge Xtreme 9.5°

Cambridge Xtreme 9,5°

Top Roof Shingle: best option for architectural building projects
7 colors / 3,10 m² per bundle
Armourglass PLUS Black (01)

Armourglass PLUS

Flexible roof shingle tested and recommended by German roofers
5 colors / 2 m² per bundle
ArmourShield PLUS Dual Brown

ArmourShield PLUS

Popular, self-adhesive shingle offering storm resistance
7 colors / 2 m² per bundle
Diamant PLUS - Slate (31)

Diamant PLUS

Roof Shingle, that exceeds the most demanding worldwide roofing standards
4 colors / 2 m² per bundle
DiamantShield - Slate (31)


Self-adhesive shingle also suitable for vertical walls
3 colors / 2,46 m² per bundle
Monarch - Dual Brown (07)


APP modified shingle with excellent UV protection
4 colors / 2,58 m² per bundle
Monarch Diamant - Slate (31)

Monarch Diamant

Durable roof shingle with slate tile look and feel
2 colors / 2,46 m² per bundle
Superglass - Black (01)


The ideal “first contact” roof shingle in a wide range of colors
13 colors / 3 m² per bundle
Superglass Biber - Black (01)

Superglass Biber

Accessible roof shingle shape, that suits every roof - big or small
5 colors / 3 m² per bundle
Superglass Hex - Dual Brown Ultra (27)

Superglass Hex

Excellent roof shingle for value conscious homeowners
7 colors / 3 m² per bundle
Victorian PLUS - Black (01)

Victorian PLUS

Rounded roof shingle with impressive tensile strength
2 colors / 2 m² per bundle