Solar panels on shingle roof - how to install PV panels on shingle roof

These past years solar panels became a more common sight in the streets. This is a very logical evolution, considering the many advantages they bring. Shingles roofs are certainly an ideal roof to install solar panels on. Solar panels or photovoltaic (PV) panels are groups of electrically connected solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity (= renewable energy). Several PV panels on the roof of your house can contribute to cheap electricity generation, which leads to a lower electrical bill. Also your dependence on energy suppliers will reduce.

If you are considering installing PV panels on your roof, take a look at what you need to complete this installation. In this blog, you will learn how photovoltaic panels look on shingle roofs and how to install PV panels on shingle roofs.


<<< Photovoltaics on a Cambridge roof

Photovoltaic panels on the roof

PV panels need to be placed on a well enlightened part of the roof (preferably orientated to the south, south-west), so that electricity can be produced efficiently. The most efficient slope for PV panels is approximately 35°. The assembly of PV panels is carried out by specialized companies that design and calculate the correct amount of PV panels. All you need to do is enter a photovoltaic power plant on the roof.

It is advisable to install snow breakers and / or catchers under the PV panels as shown on the pictures above. Snow fallen on the shingles will hold and melt gradually. But snow fallen on the solar panels can start to glide down due to the smooth surface. Gliding snow can create a small but sudden avalanche, which can surprise, hurt or injure someone. Installing snow stoppers will protect the space under the PV panels.

The screw must be strong and long enough so they are firmly screwed in the wooden roof structure. This way they don’t get damaged or bent by large amounts of snow, and strong winds blowing under the PV panels won’t be able to blow them away.


Firm and thick screw holds PV panels on the roof >>>

This quickly installed system was used for local energy production, which in this case is used for heating and hot water without having to pay suppliers. Thanks to the PV panels on the roof this household can provide cheap electricity production which results in a lower bill and reduce their dependence on electricity prices.