IKO Armourbase STICK Underlayment

On all pitches, IKO recommends that an underlayment must be used underneath the roof shingles.

IKO Armourbase STICK underlayment with superb self adhesive properties in combination with its extreme lightness (only 450 g/ m2) 
favours the application in comparison with other thicker and heavier underlayments. It is the top product underlayment in the range.

Other features are: 

  • the little bulk of each roll allows operator to carry more rolls during handlings and transports
  • despite its lightness it shows good waterproofing properties (it is W1 ranked and has average values of 4 m in the water column test): thanks to the particular bituminous compound able to enhance its waterproofing behaviour
  • it has a very valuable resistance to cold (up to - 45 °C!!!) allows it to resist also in extreme cold weather conditions
  • the total adhesion on the continuous support protect it from external atmospheric agents
  • application lines on the surface make the application more easy and precise