Are shingles just as fireproof as other roofing material?

Roof Shingles are conform to DIN 4107/part 7 and are therefore resistant against spread of flame.
In every country where IKO sells its shingles, IKO complies with the local norms.
So yes, shingles are fireproof.
Check out this fire test film

Am I limited in the shape of my roof?

Bitumen roof shingles can be applied on the most difficult roof shapes.
Architects like to work with shingles because it gives them a lot of designer freedom.
With an enormous range of styles, bitumen roof shingles can match almost every type of architectural design and achieve virtually any desired effect. Check out our range...

Basic Online Training (Roofers)

Basic Online Training (Roofers)

12 modules on how to do the roof job correctly. Basic online training video for roofers who want to know how to apply roof shingles in a correct manner.