Informieren Sie sich ueber aktuelle Neuigkeiten zu den IKO-Dachsystemen:

Lokale Neuigkeiten:

18.-21. Februar 2014  -  Dach und Holz International in Koeln    Besuchen Sie uns in Halle 6 Stand 6.216 - Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!

06.12.2013 - Neuer Verlegefilm zu Cambridge Xpress im Netz!  

Worldwide news:

11.08.2014 - Armourbase Stick - the self adhesive underlayment
We already offer you Armourbase Pro and Armourbase 15 and now we can introduce to you our newest underlay, Armourbase Stick: a self-adhesive underlayment.
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04.06.2014 - Vertical integration - all components made by IKO
Vertical integration guarantees that IKO customers will get the most consistent and high quality shingles available on the market.
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04.06.2014 - Šindľová lopata
Šindľová lopata
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04.06.2014 - Platinum warranty – the longest and most comprehensive shingles guarantee
IKO shingles premium platinum guarantee is a unique concept in the shingle industry. Every cost is covered in this 100% guarantee for your complete roof.
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04.06.2014 - Time to play Tetris
Discover our IKO Tetris game. Enjoy!
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04.06.2014 - Longer warranty on Cambridge Xpress (15 years)
When you take a look at the 15 years Platinum Warranty IKO offers for Cambridge Xpress, you know IKO Shingles are the best choice for your roof!
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04.06.2014 - Armourvent Special
Armourvent Special je plastový odvertávač odolný voči krupobitiu a UV žiareniu.
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04.06.2014 - Airhawk Turbínový
Airhawk Turbína je najnovší odvetrávač v ponuke IKO. 1 ks odvetrá 613-852cm2 strechy.
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