How many shingles?

I want to shingle my roof. How many shingles will I need?

By using the IKO RoofEstimator or by using calculations you can estimate the number of shingles that will be needed to complete the job.

Many roof types can be classified into simple geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, trapezoids and triangles. To determine how many shingles will be needed you must calculate the area of the roof.

This is done by:

figuring out what geometric shapes make up your roof, calculating the area of the individual shapes,

then adding up all the areas to give you the total area of the roof.

The area required is then divided by the area each bundle covers.

Don't forget to add allowances for hips and ridges, starter strips, etc.
A good approximation is to order an extra 10-15%.

Your IKO distributor and roofer will also help you to calculate your exact needs in a professional manner.